Don't worry

swocket turns your devices off when you leave. No need to worry about electricity when you’re off to a vacation.

Be smart

swocket is everything you expect from a smart home solution. It has notification, rules, integration with existing and future APIs.

Save the planet

Your devices only use electricity when you want them to. No more standby power sucking. swocket is good for the planet – and your electricity bill.

Lean Back

We made sure swocket is so easy to setup that our moms are able to do it without a manual. Lean back, relax and let us do the programming.

How can swocket help?

swocket makes your home smart.

Makes your devices smart.

No matter if it's your old trusty washing machine or the latest home cinema system – swocket turns your dumb devices into smart ones.

"Laundry is done!"

swocket can notify you when a device stops or starts using electricity – like when laundry is done or when you’re cat turned on the TV.

Check your stats.

Do you know how much electricity you use in a month? Do you know how much you could save in a month?
Let swocket tell you.

Works with wifi.

swocket uses wifi to communicate, so you don’t need to setup another blinking box – you already have everything you need.

We love APIs.

Want to integrate your swockets with services like ifttt or have your own app use our API? You’re welcome and we’re glad to help.

Open Source, Open Hardware.

We believe in and benefit greatly from Open Source and Open Hardware. That's why we share our knowledge with the community.

Want to partner with us? If you're building a device you want to make smart, contact us. Drop us a line

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